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  1. izayak ya albert? the party of my brother in Deal is on 8-28-10. If you can come, it would be fantasstic. It will be a collection of songs that we say in the synagogues.
  2. Dear Morris: I am fine and in good healthahve a good summer time
  3. Izaiak ya albert?
    in shalla kul hage kuaysa
    morris antebi
  4. Dear Morris
    It will be a Pleasur to Join you on Labor Day weekend evening> you may get in touch with me on my e-mail address
    Albert Gamill
  5. Dear Albert,
    My brother is planning on having an evening of Daoud Husni's adwar on Labor day weekend in Deal NJ, probbly you want to join us.
    Morris Antebi, MD
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