مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Iranian Percussion

06-01-2006, 03:54
These days when one thinks of Iranian drumming, particularly when it comes to dombak/zarb, almost everyone mentions Djamchid Chemirani and his sons, who have published several albums of solo, duo and trio percussion music and have accompanied many instrumentalists and singers. Few people however have realized that one of the best contemporary drummers in Iranian music is a frenchman, Bruno Caillat.

But then, several of my Arab friends keep on telling me, that these days the best kanun player is another French, Julien Weiss, who has recorded with Hamza Shakkur and other famous singers from Syria - I myself am not enough into kanun music to decide for myself whether this is true). Still I can say that Bruno Caillat is a master of the zarb, as you can see from his solo "Sefer" taken from a CD with the strange title "Oriental Dreams", published (or re-published?) by Playa Sounds in 1991, featuring Kudsi Erguner on ney and Mahmoud Tabrizi Zadeh on santur and kementche.

From the point of view of sheer virtuosity though there is a young guy topping all of the seasoned heroes of Iranian percussion. This is Mohammad Reza Mortazawi, Iranian by birth (as the name suggests), but educated in Germany for the larger part of his life. He lived in Berlin for many years and there I saw him twice in concerts.

The first one was a theatre performance where he did the musical score all by himself. That was incredible. In fact I have never ever heard a person producing so many sounds from a single drumhead. The second time was a traditional Persian concert with full ensemble: singer, tar, ney, kementche and him. There he was given a six minute solo right in the second piece, but still he could not restrain himself and kept on producing melodies, which was rather annoying.

Two or three years back he was awarded the prestigious "Roots Award" at the yearly Rudolstadt folk and dance festival for the best newcomer. Recently he has returned to Iran and I hope he will be sort of "disciplined" by respected masters, and thereby develop a quality as accompanist also.

I have attached three solo pieces by Mortazawi. The first one, "Subtleties" is quite traditional, the second ("The Will") and the third one ("Ego-Echo") bring in more new sounds - I hope with these pieces I don't transgress the restrictions of this forum to strictly classical music. This music has been recorded in 2002 and was privately published in 2003 by the Berlin-based Iranian singer Shohreh Ghiassi, with whose group he appeared on stage in the above mentioned concert. The CD is called "Wind & Fire" and features an all solo program by Mortazawi.

I'm quite curious to hear your views on this music.

06-05-2007, 19:13
Madjid Khaladj - tombak solo